In the unfortunate event you turn ill, the first 39 (university/institute) or 52 (UMC) weeks of your illness you receive 100% of salary. Then the salary is adjusted to 76% (university/institute) or 70% (UMC). After a full two years of sick leave, in principle your contract is dissolved. Sometimes an employer leaves employees in so-called ‘dormant employment’ (slapend dienstverband) to avoid paying transition allowances. The Dutch Supreme Court recently ruled that employers are obliged to put an end to dormant employment.

At your request, your employer may decide to extend your employment contract in the case of illness, if there is a continuous period of illness of at least 8 weeks. Contrary to other forms of leave, such as maternity and parental leave, unfortunately your employer is not obliged to extend the contract in the event of illness.

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  • CAOs:
    • CAO-NU: Article 7.2: Illness and incapacity for work, redirects to ZANU
    • CAO-OI: Article 7.2: Illness and incapacity for work
    • CAO-UMC: Chapter 8: Illness and disability to work
  • Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), that pays for various forms of leave

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