Defence costs

The completion of your dissertation and the graduation ceremony require some preparations. Start early and read through the following tips for optimal prepartion.


A PhD graduation comes with some costs involved. The expenses for your graduation depend on several factors, such as the number of copies of your dissertation you print and the total number of pages it contains. The cost of printing also varies depending on the printing press. It is important to inquire about the expenses from different printing services well in advance, as the printing press at your university may not necessarily be the most cost-effective option. In addition, sometimes group discounts can be offered when multiple people print their dissertations at the same time.The expenses for a reception, celebration, or dinner naturally depend on the number of people you invite.

Below are some approximate amounts:

  • Dissertation: €500 - €3,000
  • Clothes (buying or rental): €100 - €500
  • Reception: €350 - €700
  • Dinner/buffet: €25 - €50 per person
  • Celebration: €1,000 - €5,000 (optional)

Certain expenses can be reimbursed by the university, either through the department or a scholarship provider. There are also funds that partially or fully cover the printing costs of dissertations on specific topics. Alternatively, you can try to obtain a grant from the business sector, perhaps in exchange for mentioning the company's name and sending a few copies of your dissertation. Always inquire about the policies at your own university regarding these matters, as some universities have specific rules or even explicitly forbid certain practices.

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