Parental leave

As a parent, you are entitled to parental leave on partial pay. This partial pay amounts to 62.5% of your total remuneration over the hours of leave. If you have more than one child, you are entitled to parental leave on partial pay for each child.

The maximum parental leave hours to which you are entitled is 13 times your weekly working hours. Parental leave can be withdrawn with a maximum of one workweek for a consecutive period of six months. For example, if you work 32 hours a week, you are entitled to 13 times 32 hours of parental leave.

The parental leave should be limited to a maximum of 50% of your weekly working hours. Next to this, you cannot appeal to parental leave anymore if your child’s eighth birthday has passed.

How does appealing for parental leave look in practice? At least two months prior to the starting date of the leave you should inform your employer with a written statement of your intention to take leave. This statement should include:

  1. The period of the leave,
  2. The number of weekly leave hours, and
  3. The distribution of leave hours over the week.

The start and end dates of the leave can be made contingent on the date of birth, the date of maternity leave or the start of the care.

Your employer can change the distribution of leave hours throughout the week on the grounds of a ‘compelling business interest’ up to four weeks prior to the starting date of the leave, and after discussing the matter with you.

Over the hours of the parental leave, Holiday hours are not accumulated. Next to this, any commuting allowance shall be adjusted proportional to the actual working days.

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