Did you know that over a third of PhDs experience mental health-related issues, and the education sector in the Netherlands has the highest burnout rate across all sectors? These alarming statistics highlight a growing concern in academia: the mental wellbeing of researchers.

While there is increasing awareness about academic mental health, the conversation often focuses on individual strategies for improvement (e.g., learn how to set priorities or attend a yoga class to manage stress). However, PNN believes it's crucial to address the systemic issues at play — factors like workplace conditions and overall academic culture that significantly impact mental health.

In aiming to facilitate conversation about this, our board member Marie Stadel, holding the Portfolio for PhD Wellbeing, recently presented at a mental health seminar hosted by Erasmus MC. Her talk shed light on the systemic challenges in academia and proposed concrete policy recommendations for institutions to foster a healthier environment (see slides below).

PNN board members are actively giving talks on this crucial subject, emphasizing the need for systemic change in academic mental health. If this topic resonates with you or your institution, we encourage you to reach out. PNN is available to discuss and present at relevant events and institutions.

Let’s shift the dialogue from individual coping to collective change. Contact PNN if you are interested in discussing these topics or hosting a lecture on the systemic causes of mental health problems at your institution.

Want to know more about mental health and PhDs? Check out what we have in our knowledge base about this topic!

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