Salary and payment

Employee PhD candidates are subject to the P-scale (short for promovendi), which includes four salary grades. For PhDs employed at a UMC, this salary grade is called salarisschaal onderzoekers in opleiding. The salary tables are different for universities, UMCs and research institutes:

At the start of your employment contract, you are placed in grade P0 for a period of 12 months. At the end of this period, you will be placed in salary grade P1.

If your personal contract does not state if salary increases are related to an annual assessment, it will take place automatically. However, if it is part of your personal contract and you did not have an annual assessment fifteen months after the last periodic salary increase, and you cannot be charged for this, the next increase takes effect automatically while upholding the original incremental date.

End-of-year bonus

You are entitled to a structural end-of-year bonus expressed as 8.3% of the salary received during the calendar year. The minimum amount of the end-of-year bonus is €2,250 gross. When you work part-time, or only a part of the year, the minimum is adjusted pro rata.

Holiday allowance

You are entitled to a holiday allowance amounting to 8% of your total remuneration. The allowance is paid once every twelve months, generally in the month of May. Sometimes, local regulation may stipulate that you have the option to receive the holiday allowance monthly. In case of dismissal, payment is made over the period between the end of the last period for which holiday allowance was paid out and the date of your dismissal.

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