Loopbaanbegeleiding – UMC

Chapter 3 of the cao-UMC describes career development, education and personal functioning of employees. A PhD candidate has the right to participate in educational programs necessary for the appointed position. The hours and expenses have to be paid by the UMC (Article 3.1.1). Furthermore, the PhD candidate has a right to follow additional education for a different function in the future when this has been approved by the employer in an annual progress evaluation. Fifty percent of these expenses are paid by the employee, but the employer might be persuaded to compensate all expenses (Article 3.1.2).

Mreover, every employee of an UMC is entitled to career support, via an internal or external professional (Article 3.5). However, an external professional can only be consulted in agreement with the employer and employee. PNN advises to always try to receive external career support. You should discuss these matters during your annual interview..

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