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Current Affairs

Press release: Nearly half of PhDs have increased risk of mental problems, 40% have considered quitting

47% of PhDs in the Netherlands have an increased risk of mental health problems. This is shown by the PhD Survey of the PhD Network …

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PNN PhD Survey reports

Here you can find all reports based on the PNN PhD Survey 2020. These reports provide insights in the employment conditions and the wellbeing of …

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Scientists reaching out

Do you want to learn how to openly and actively discuss your research with others?  Then “Samenweten” offers you the opportunity to follow the workshop …

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Foreign PhD candidates deserve protection

Dutch PhD candidates often do not work under acceptable terms of employment. For PhD candidates from abroad, the situation is often even worse. PNN does …

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New vacancies PNN board

PNN is looking for new board members. More information…

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Pressing letter young scientists: Don’t let us down

Knowledge is lost, potential innovations stagnate and careers become frustrated. In short, these are the consequences of the corona crisis for young scientists if nothing …

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PNN statement on racism, exclusion, and discrimination at Dutch universities

PNN has made a statement in consultation with its members regarding racism, exclusion and discrimination at Dutch universities. Here you can find the statement. “PNN …

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Unequal impact of the COVID-19 crisis

As the Netherlands is slowly making a restart after the COVID-19 crisis, its impact on academia becomes increasingly apparent. Among the known consequences are study …

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Guide for dealing with delays as a result of Covid-19

PNN, together with parties such as VSNU, PostdocNL, De Jonge Akademie and trade unions, co-authored a guide for dealing with delays as a result of …

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