Scientists reaching out

Do you want to learn how to openly and actively discuss your research with others?  Then “Samenweten” offers you the opportunity to follow the workshop “Scientists reaching out” with lots of practical tips and exercises.

“Samenweten” is a project of the KNAW. The aim of “Samenweten” is to strengthen the dialogue between science and society and to stimulate people to ask more questions. This workshop focuses on how you can involve society in your research. You will also talk to 6 panel members and do various assignments yourself. The next workshop will take place on Friday 2 and 16 October from 9 a.m. to 12 noon online, in Dutch. In November this workshop wil be organized in English. For more information contact

Pressing letter young scientists: Don’t let us down

Knowledge is lost, potential innovations stagnate and careers become frustrated. In short, these are the consequences of the corona crisis for young scientists if nothing happens. That is why on Monday 13 July the PhD candidates Network Netherlands, PostdocNL and The Young Academy will send a pressing letter fire to the government on behalf of all Dutch Young Academies, requesting a continuity package of € 350 million. Continue reading…

PNN statement on racism, exclusion, and discrimination at Dutch universities

PNN has made a statement in consultation with its members regarding racism, exclusion and discrimination at Dutch universities.

Here you can find the statement.

“PNN wants to urge PhD candidates who have experienced or observed racism, exclusion, or discrimination on the basis of the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, or any other grounds within their institutions to get in touch with their confidentiality counsellors, their local PhD council, and/or PNN. Also, PNN welcomes ideas on how to support and encourage diversity and equality among PhD candidates in the Netherlands.”