Open science

Open Science is a movement within the scientific community striving to more transparency and openness in science. This relates among others to the sharing and reusing of data, making publications freely accessible (open access publishing) and many other topics.

PNN and Open Science

PNN supports the open science movement in the Netherlands and we emphasize the importance of open science in modernizing science and increase its durability and trustworthiness.

PNN is a member of the National Platform Open Science (NPOS), a collective of different national stakeholders that strive to acceleratie open science practices in the Netherlands.

Universities and other stakeholders should increase their support of early career researchers in open science practices. This includes providing information and training, offering the optimal infrastructure and stimulating and rewarding open science activities.

 Plan S and open acces publishing

The results and publications of scientific research should not remain hiding behind a paywall but should be freely accessible to accelerate the distribution and implementation of scientific findings.

PNN supports initiatives that aim to accelerate the number of Open Access publications. PNN therefore supports the ambitions and principles of Plan S, an initiative of national and european research funders like NWO and ZonMW. More information on stance can be found in our statement on Plan S.

Recognizing and rewarding scientists

To make a full transition towards open science possible, a new way of recognizing and rewarding scientists is needed.The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) are a good starting point to come to these new evaluation criteria and PNN is actively enganged in the national debate regarding this topic.