Neth-ER (Netherlands house for Education and Research) is a representation of the Dutch knowledge community in Brussels. The aim of Neth-ER is to influence the European policymaking process in an adequate way in order for the Dutch knowledge community to optimally use European policy and instruments that Europe has to offer to the Netherlands. To achieve this, Dutch organisations working in the field of education, research and innovation, founded this international non-profit association in Brussels in 2006. Neth-ER  has its premises in the heart of the European arena of Brussels. Neth-ER is supported by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science.


Neth-ER’s mission is twofold: to provide correct and up-to-date information about European policy developments regarding the knowledge topics to the Dutch knowledge field and to support members’ European policy influencing.

  • Information is provided by, among other things, publishing (news) articles on the website, sending a weekly newsletter, organizing seminars and giving advice and answering questions.
  • In order to enable European policy influencing of the knowledge topics by members and supporters, the employees of the Neth-ER office maintain close contact with the European institutions and relevant organizations. Furthermore, they support the debate and discussion between the “Brussels” network and the members and organizations from the constituency and help to formulate and propagate common positions of the members on European knowledge developments.