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PhD Survey 2020

PNN PhD Survey reports

Here you can find all reports based on the PNN PhD Survey 2020. These reports provide insights in the employment conditions and the wellbeing of PhDs in the Netherlands.

All readers are highly recommended to first read the PNN Survey Report on Survey Information, Demographics and COVID-19 before reading other reports. This report contains important information about the survey design, the limitations of the research and information about the demographic characteristics of our survey respondents.

If you have any questions in response to any of these reports, you can contact us via info@hetpnn.nl

PNN PhD Survey Report – Survey information, Demographics and COVID-19 and PNN Survey report Demographics – Supplemental material

  1. PNN PhD Survey Report – Wellbeing
  2. PNN PhD Survey Report – Contract characteristics
  3. PNN PhD Survey Report – Supervision and freedom
  4. PNN PhD Survey Report – Non-standard PhD arrangements
  5. PNN PhD Survey Report – Workplace malpractices
  6. PNN PhD Survey Report – Teaching
  7. PNN PhD Survey Report – Collective Labor Agreement
  8. PNN PhD Survey Report – International PhDs
  9. PNN PhD Survey Report – Criteria,  Open Science,  Recognition and rewards, Career