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We stand in solidarity with Ukraine

PNN is shocked by the invasion of Russian armed forces in Ukraine and condemn this gross violation of international law. We wish to express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including our fellow young researchers at our sister assosiation RMU_Ukraine who are confronted with these horrific events. We applaud the scientists in Russia who courageously declared their protest against the invasion and demand an end to this war. Collaboration, academic freedom and education are at the base of a peaceful and democratic society, and we feel the responsibility to stand up and support our fellow academics who are under threat of war and displacement.

PNN calls upon peripheral hospitals to start recognising and registering PhD candidates

The past years, non-academic hospitals have increasingly started to focus on research. Though an increasing number of employees within these ‘peripheral’ hospitals are working part time or full time on (biomedical) research, good representation of this group has been lacking. To understand the composition of this growing group of PhD candidates and which challenges they encounter, PNN’s workgroup ‘Landelijk Overleg UMC Promovendi’ (LOUP) distributed a questionnaire in this group. Several bottlenecks came to light, stemming from a lack of harmonisation, registration and recognition of this group. In this position paper, PNN calls upon peripheral hospitals to start recognising and registering the PhD candidate as a separate position and to include this position in the new collective labour agreement. Read our full position here (only in Dutch).