PNN launches Platform External PhDs

PNN has launched a digital platform for external PhD candidates, purposed to connect external PhDs with each other and with PNN. The goal is to break the isolation that external PhD candidates often experience. On the platform, external PhDs  can ask questions and share information with each other, whilst PNN will regularly posts information useful for external PhDs. Also, PNN will organize virtual (and when the corona crisis is over, also physical) meetings for external PhD candidates, which will be announced on the platform.

For an exchange of more personal experiences, we also started a private facebook group:

Are you an external PhD candidate, and do you think that a digital platform can be useful to you? Please register!

Are you an internal PhD candidate, and do you want to help external colleagues with information that you have easier access to they they have?   Please register!

Do you know other external PhD candidates, or people who want to apply for an external PhD position? Please forward this information.

The ideal university?

On Thursday February 20th, PNN president Lucille Mattijssen took part in the panel discussion at the presentation of Floris Cohen’s book “The Ideal University”. Prior to the discussion, she was given the opportunity to briefly discuss how Floris Cohen had revised the promotion system at the Ideal University. Her critical speech can be found  here.