AcademicTransfer is the Netherlands’ top career platform for academics, researchers and scientists. For every academic, in any phase of their career and in any sector or field. On AcademicTransfer you will find jobs in higher education, university medical centres, research institutes and the industry.

For years, PNN has been working closely together with AcademicTransfer. Being part of that cooperation, the PNN Board-vacancies or vacancies related to the Professional PhD Programma can be found on the website of AcademicTransfer. AcademicTransfer also provides PNN with an insight in the vacancy data on AcademicTransfer and thus enables PNN to publish the Monitor Arbeidsvoorwaarden.

In the past 20 years AcademicTransfer helped thousands of Master’s students, PhD candidates, postdocs, scientists and researchers with their careers. Let us help you plan your research career path and start with creating an account. Watch for more information this video.

With an AcademicTransfer account you can:

    • Upload your CV and check which jobs match best
    • Be found by your favourite employers
    • Save your favourite jobs
    • Manage your email alerts
    • Apply quickly
    • Present your research profile
    • Upload links to your recent research

Have a look at all recent PhD positions and get inspired by the PhD experiences and tips in the blogs of AcademicTransfer. For PNN Board vacancies, follow this link.

AcademicTransfer is happy to learn from your user experiences and from your opinions about the interaction on their platform. If you have ideas or suggestions, please join the user group of AcademicTransfer. In this way you are participating in the development of this platform for academics!