PNN PhD Survey: Asking the relevant questions PNN needs your input to improve the situation of PhDs in the Netherlands!

We are aware that the coronacrisis may have a big impact on your PhD trajectories. PNN is currently working very hard to find solutions for these corona-related problems. However, also without the corona-related problems, PhDs may experience other problems as well. It is one of PNN’s core aims to improve the situation of PhDs, and therefore we want to identify and quantify these problems.

Therefore, we want to ask you to let us know what is going well and what is not going well in your PhD trajectory in the PNN PhD Survey! This survey also covers topics that are usually not addressed in PhD surveys, but are crucial to improve the situation of PhDs. PNN will handle the data confidentially, so you can feel free to share all concerns you might have. 

The more PhDs fill in the survey, the better PNN will be able to address your problems and to convince policy makers to make changes! We therefore call on everyone who is currently working on their PhD project, regardless of contract type or institution, to fill in this survey!

On top of that, by participating in the survey, you can opt in for a lottery to win one of two Career Coaching Sessions with a professional career coach!

You can fill in the survey here!

Survey PhD candidates in the University Medical center

Since the problems arising from COVID-19 for research in the UMCs can be distinct from those in other academic settings, a seperate survey is available.

We would love to hear what kind of problems you are confronted with. so we can use this information to advocate your needs and interests to policy makers.

Fill out the survey here.