New members PNN

Last Friday, the PNN general members meeting took place, like every four months. Due to the special circumstances, this was via Skype this time.

During this meeting, the financial report of 2019 and the budget of 2020 were approved, we were able to welcome two new board members for the themes career & PPP and quality & diversity (resulting in a complete board again!) furthermore, we also welcome two new members!

PNN is a national representative of all PhD candidates in the Netherlands, but our members are the local PhD councils of the Dutch universities. However, since last Friday HUP, the PhD council of Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences), is also one of our members. In addition, we have a new member who will represent the PhD candidates of the VU University: VU PhD Gatherings. We are happy with these new members! Do you want to know more about these two members, or our other 15 members? Take a look at this page.

Finally, during this meeting, we also discussed the Covid-19 crisis and the impact this has on PhD candidates in the Netherlands. We will share more about our opinion tomorrow.