Board of Recommendation

The members of the Recommendation Board support the Professional PhD Program (PPP) by publicly endorsing the project. The composition of the committee is a testament to the support for the PPP within the broad academic community. The members strongly believe that the project can contribute to the career development of PhD candidates, emphasize the value of a PhD outside of academia, and strengthen the existing relations between science, business, and government.

The Recommendation Board consists of:

Prof. Dr Ed Brinksma
Rector magnificus University of Twente

Dr Karl Dittrich
President VSNU

Prof. Dr Jos Engelen
President NWO and professor experimental physics at the University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr Jeroen Geurts
Former president of the Young Academy and professor translational neurosciences at the VUmc Amsterdam

For more information on the PPP see this infosheet or mail via!