“The Professional PhD Program fits perfectly with modern scientific policy: active promotion of the interaction between science, society, and business.”
– Prof. Dr Jos Engelen (president NWO & professor at UvA)

“The Professional PhD Program is an excellent and necessary way for young researchers to orient themselves on their career perspectives, which also emphasizes the social value of PhDs.”
– Prof. Dr Jeroen Geurts (voormalig president De Jonge Akademie & professor at VUmc Amsterdam)

“My experience of the PPP is very positive. It gives PhD candidates the opportunity to see what working at NWO entails. It provides reinforcement within existing programs and strengthens the relationship with science. A win-win situation for all of us.”
– Anneke Zijlstra (former policy advisor at NWO)

“The PPP is a good way for employers to get in touch with talented young researchers who dare to think outside of the boundaries of the university.”
– Jasper Zuure (coordinator at former RMO)

“I found it very instructive to gain experience outside of the university and to broaden my horizons.”
– Judith van Dongen-van den Broek (PPP at Ministry of OCW)

“I find it enriching to work at NWO alongside my PhD at Leiden University. It is interesting and instructive to approach science from another angle with a fresh perspective. I am also learning many skills which will certainly come in handy later in my career. I can certainly recommend a PPP position!”
– Janna Marie Hoogendam (PPP at NWO)

For more information on the PPP see this infosheet or mail Mina Karami via!