The Board of the PNN consists of at least five and at most eight PhD candidates. They represent the interests of PhD candidates in the Netherlands for at least one year, in addition to doing their PhD research.


Anne de Vries
Tilburg University
Kimberley Anneveldt
Secretary (‘internal chair’)
Isala Ziekenhuis Zwolle
Rob van Gassel
General Board Member – International Affairs and Open Science
Maastricht UMC+
Roel Freriks
General Board Member – Career and PPP
Groningen University
Bram Faber
General Board Member – Labour and Social Affairs
VU Amsterdam
Nicolien van Vliet
General Board Member – University Medical Centre PhD’s
Reinder Broekstra
Vice-Chair / General Board Member – Quality
Groningen University
Lucille Mattijssen
General Board Member – Gender & Diversity
VU Amsterdam